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    My name is Glenn M. Franson, President and CEO of Massage Heights, the leader in the Therapeutic Massage industry.

    Massage Heights is a Texas based company, and was founded in April of 2004 on the principle of making the many benefits of Therapeutic Massage accessible to everyone. We have achieved this goal while offering affordable, high quality massage services coupled with the flexibility in scheduling that today's consumer demands. We have worked diligently over the past six years, continuing to set the standards for the industry, making Massage Heights the leader in the category of Therapeutic Massage.

    As of July, 2010 Massage Heights has an international presence with approximately 70 Franchise and Corporate-Owned Retreats operating in 24 states, complimented by three Retreats operating in Canada, where a Master License has been awarded. In addition, we have awarded 23 of our 100 designated markets to Regional and Area Developers. Our aggressive expansion plans call for over 1,500 Retreats over the next five years.

    Massage Heights is set to outpace competitors with a clearly distinctive business model and product offerings. Massage Heights offers Franchise Candidates a concept in the booming Health and Wellness category, though in a sub-category still in its infancy.

    On this site you will find several items of interest, including marketing materials, a Broker Referral Agreement and Commission Structures, a Candidate Submittal form, and a FAQ sheet. If you are interested in working with our organization please take a moment to fill out our Broker Referral Agreement and fax it back to (210) 402-3228 or simply scan and email back to I would also ask that you visit our website at

    I personally look forward to working with you in the future and developing a long lasting, professional relationship; one that is built on trust, respect and mutual success.


                Glenn M. Franson
                President and CEO